Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Broken Vessel

I kneel before you broken and worn
frighten by my past, bewildered and torn,
poked and bleeding from life's little thorns.

The setbacks, pitfalls broken pieces of a heart
that has been bruised, scorned and torn apart.
Broken this vessel but mended through strength
faith in Jesus whom my father has sent.

The spirit that dwells within to fill the cracks and
the well will soon be refilled. Housed in this vessel
your love so lives, as it heals and restores the life
you so freely give.

Making this vessel whole by giving you all of me
letting you take full control, they way it should be.
Soon a broken vessel I will no longer be but a
piece of clay that will be molded and set free
from the loving hands of only thee.

Written by Yvonne Coleman-Burney


Ujamaa Christian Poetry