Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Blood Covenant

In silence were suppressed
bound in bronze fetters of our sins.
In pain we lived,
while no light beamed
like hope on our souls.

Being relegated from
within, the culprit grinned
commending his evil plots
suddenly my Lord's blood
threw a joker's punch.
O! the blood
that soaked the roman's tree
fought and set my soul free.
It flowed from the veins
of a great conqueror.
never surpassed in all nature,
with ferocious indignation
its fury is unleashed,
on the blanks shot by darkness.
The blood so laced with
spiritual neutrons to annihilate
completely, hell's territory.

Faithful is the blood
that makes good of fools,
by reason of covenant.

Written by Bayo Komolafe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry