Ujamaa Christian Poetry

Left Behind

Funny I got disturbed by the silence,
so I decided to use a stroll,
though unaware of rapture's toll.
Mum forgot her pot,
on the stove,
the gardener left the mower on,
streets were deserted,
from hole to home.

The sun began to scorch
as I longed to behold my beloved.
I cried out various names,
yet I yelled to no avail.

Slowly my steps grew cowardly,
as I rescinded to the park,
but the trees appeared scary,
bearing on them, tiny birds
that whistled a dirge.

Suddenly I looked up,
and the sky glowed bright:
like an arrow it struck my heart,
the trumpet cried
and I was left behind.

Written by Bayo Komolafe


Ujamaa Christian Poetry