Ujamaa Christian Poetry

The Bible

Read the Bible everyday
And thank God everyday
Teach yourself right everyday

The book of life will always guide you
It provides daily medication and inspiration
With it,one receives proper guidelines to life

Oh yes! I just want to know about you
You teach the weak on how to get stronger
And heal the sick with you strong teachings

Receive the freedom of life with the bible
Get assurance of hope and pure determination
Leave clean there after reading the Holy Book

You will always like it if you make it your only friend
It explains the beauty and nature of the whole world
Plus more tips on holiness and righteousness

It is the right footage to your footsteps
You will always love it with all your heart
Make a date with it everyday and you will receive a better change of your
daily life.

Written by Keffah Akisa


Ujamaa Christian Poetry